The Link to Success: Setting Up a LinkedIn Account

It seems that no one is safe from the outreach of social media, but CEO’s are not joining Facebook or Twitter instead they are joining a relatively new and revolutionary page, LinkedIn. Imagine, being able to connect with millions of professionals through the internet and find those with similar interests. You can go as far as even finding job opportunities. This is the magic of LinkedIn.

Before you can take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer it is necessary to set up an account. Like most sites you are prompted to enter basic information such as name, address, education, work experience, etc… The most important part to remember about LinkedIn is that it is constantly changing and evolving just like a resume. As your activities change and grow it is important to keep your LinkedIn account up to date.

LinkedIn offers its’ users countless of different options, it is not just a site to brag about yourself and connect with others, it also lets you follow companies that you are interested in as well as joining and creating groups of like minded people. It is especially helpful to students and recent graduates. LinkedIn helps them connect with alumni from their schools and form helpful and important connections for the future. Yet, people of all ages use LinkedIn and anyone can be a prospective connection ranging from professors, family, friends, and managers at your job.

LinkedIn has been the catalyst behind the change in the way in which business professionals connect around the world. You no longer have to go to careerbuilder or to find a job. Link with those around you, don’t waste time, and go make a LinkedIn account. Opening an account will be a positive step towards a better future and a world of opportunities, jobs, and a lifetime of those who have the same goals and mindset.

Raul Mendoza


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